Hi, Im Cara Amirah

Teacher Therapist Healer Artist Creator, living a natural eco-life filled with raw goodness of all kinds

I have a nature inspired based heart centred lifestyle, personal practice and carry these ethics out to my business and teachings.  Believing everything contains Chi - Prana or Life-Force, it is my calling to help others connect to this infinite source of energy through BodyWork, Lifestyle Education and Energy Healing. 


My Lifestyle and Spiritual practices over the decades have merged with Shamanic Ethnobotany and Herbalism, these practices now a part of my daily practices, rituals and ceremonies of which I share this Earth Medicine Wisdom with others. 

I pass on wisdom of earth and movement medicine, to heal, knowledge and wisdom in classes, workshops and teachings I offer   

'as we connect to and heal the Earth, she in turn will heal us' - cara amirah 

My offerings for you include

INTERNAL ARTS - Prana Harvesting with Yoga (Hatha, Indian and Chinese Forms), Chigung, Qigong, Elemental Tai Chi, Breath work and Meditation  

ETHNOBOTANY - Plant Medicine ceremonial healing and trauma release healing using traditional Shamanic ceremony and integrated energy healing with healing Ethnobotanic Herb blends . including sacred henna art for over a decade decorating many divine sacred bodies . also offering cacao ceremony . peace pipe Sacred Herb Ceremonies as well as the Laying-on of Herbs for healing   

BODY WORK - movement & dance healing I guide you on a journey of your inner and outer worlds through the expressive and deeply healing world of Movement and Body Work, Cara trained as a Dance Teacher in (Dance Degree) and within the 'externalised' forms of dance to Internal Training in Yoga and Fitness Instructor in the Internal Arts: elemental tai chi dance . Sacred Dance . yoga dance . trance dance. chakra dance . enlightened belly dance,  Cara is an affiliated Senior Yoga Teacher with the Yoga Alliance Professionals INTERNATIONAL and UK based   

SHAMANIC PRACTICES - Following the Wheel of The Year creating a space for you to heal as you are held within sacred space throughout the Year 

SOUND & VIBRATIONAL healing using traditional Shamanic Sound healing to contemporary use of healing sound . Solfeggio . gong . voice . mantra . and including all vibrational healing modalities of crystal . colour . All that are only beginning to be understood and utilised for healing, from the Laws of Nature, Quantum Physics and basic Chemistry and Biology 

NATURAL ECO COMMUNITY LIVING Plant Based Nutrition . Community Work  My work in community is varied, from Drug rehab projects, homeless work to eco and yoga/arts festivals) to recently sprouted (yea, a pun) Green Eco-Living for the home, kitchen and garden.   I have managed my own gardens, and grown Organic food for over 8 years and Currently live on an Organic 21 Acre Community Co-operative complete with allotments, orchard, woodland with sacred tree circle, waterway streams, reed bed, willow labrinth and dome, grazing land, chicken sheds, composting bins and shared projects and spaces including camping area with composting toilet and solar shower dome, the jobs are varied from getting involved in Community Work Days which focus on general maintenance to hedge-laying and also attend Co-Op Business Meetings (planning, finance) etc.  

MINIMALIST LIVING Plant Energy Clearing Minimalism and Feng Shui I have adopted over the past 5 years a minimalist living lifestyle questioning every thing for value, practicing, I live in a 'tiny home' (one contained room 8m2 or in an off grid live in van conversion) and advocate this amazing way of living, feeling fresher and energised with less clutter.  I run feng shui and de-cluttering workshops

I look forward to

Sharing at work, events, gatherings, ceremonies in person (ideally) and via Zoom online   

Teaching sharing with all!  From 1993 when I became a Certified Youth Worker to 1998 when I embarked on my Cert.Ed training I knew I would be sharing wisdom, life, and knowledge with Adults (Formerly a certified IFL Accredited Teacher and now I teach fully Private)

I hope to share and create with you soon 



Cara Amirah



Dip. Sound Therapy Healer

Priestess of Sacred Space 

RYT Yoga Teacher (Yoga Alliance) 

Cacao Ceremony Lineage Trained

Flowering Tree Shamanic School Trained  

PT Youth Community Work Qualified 

Dance Degree (Derby University) 

ETM - Fitness Instructor 

Reiki Master Teacher 

CTB Practitioner 

Munay Ki Practitioner Teacher 

Crystal Healer Dip 

Meditation Mantra Cert.

Food Safety for catering (RFQ) QNUK Level 2 

Tarot Practitioner Dip 

Meditation and Mantra CPD Yoag Alliance Cert


Master Herbalist Dip PENDING 

Vegan and Vegetarian Nutritionist Dip PENDING 

Chi-Gung Dip PENDING 

Shinrin Yoku Forest Bathing Dip PENDING 

Tantra Dip PENDING 

Rebirthing and Breathwork Dip PENDING 

Meditation Teacher Dip PENDING 

Our Offerings

'Wherever there is love and skill, expect a masterpeice...'


Teachings and Art brought to you from the Heart. 


Our Mission

To create knowledge, health, healing and 'Ceremony'.  

To provide enlightened and accessible events, teachings and services for all. 

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'I really enjoyed the workshop, it was wonderful fun and very informative, Thank You! :)'

'Cara is very knowledgeable on her subjects and can teach to all levels.  We definitely cant wait to book her again'

'My life has totally changed since I started Yoga class with Cara, for the BETTER!  Im a different person now, more relaxed and less stressed, THANK YOU Cara!'

 'After meditation with Cara words could not express the deep relaxation I felt, it was magical' 

Peace . Love . Namaste