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Cara Amirah Fuses all her 25+ years experience into enLIGHTenend Belly Dance class
Cara started her journey with Belly Dance is a very ancient dance, believed to stem back to Temple Dancing and even the Pharoahs.  It has been given many names including 'Dance of the Muscles'!
Cara teaches ancient and traditional modalities to bring deep healing and emPOWERment to women of all ages.  Learn the basic ancient, strengthening, healing and empowering sensual movements of belly dance, I can say you will not be the same after.  Cara is a fully qualified Yoga Teacher, Internal Arts Elemental Tai-Chi Instructor, Dance Teacher and Holistic Therapist with over 20 years of Belly Dance.  Currently Priestess in Training. 

The Benefits of Belly Dance are VAST

Increase fitness, flexibility, core strength, posture, co-ordination & balance

Unlock vitality and energy flow - Focus in the PRESENT

Relax your mind. Reduce stress & tension.  Improve mood and emotions

Increase self confidence, self acceptance, self esteem and moods



Access your feminine creative POWER! 

Connect to your SACRED YONI and WOMB SPACE 


Belly Dance is a deeply healing dance, and is excellent to connect to your sacred Feminine energy, it honors all phases of the FEMININE, wherever you are on your journey, helping you find and honor the Maiden, Mother or Crone within.  Helping you connect to your sensuality and beauty at any age, and is especially healing after trauma to the female body for conditions such as Reproductive issues, Hysterectomy, mastectomy, womb disorders and sexual disorders etc 

'When I dance I feel free, I fly without WINGS!'
 Tina, Mansfield
'I float home after Belly Dance, the class is fantastic'
 Tina, Mansfield

'You are the universe in ecstatic motion'

 Let movement heal your body, mind and soul....  transcend daily life and dance from your inner soul self.  Connect with your sacred Feminine power, your creative womb-space, access your inner wise council: wild woman, healing woman, wise woman, transform your inner-scape!   

enLIGHTened Belly Dance is a mixture of sacred dynamic belly dance movements, North African Trance Dance, Goddess Dance, Moving energy work & breath-work helping balance Yin-Yang energy, Chakra Dance, Kundalini Dance, Elemental dance (honouring Air, Fire, Earth, Water and Space), Archetypal 'Goddess' Dance, Ancient Egyptian dance and  standing yoga stretches and postures, Do-In Self-massage, Yoga stretches and Mudra (hand yoga).  It doesnt stop there, Cara recieves TRANSMISSIONS of Dance Energy in tune with current energies and shares them with in her teachings born in PRESENCE for true dance powered enLIGHTenment


'This session is TRULY magical!' Alison, Mansfield


enLIGHTened Belly Dance (c) Cara Amirah2017
Private Tuition 1-2-1 
Belly Dance Small group 
Group parties
with optional fast fun Henna 
Minimum 7 ppl HOST GET YOURS FREE 
Performances Demos & talks - From £80
(women only groups)
Belly Dance Party - From £80 

Cara Amirah's dance story

Cara Amirah - Choerographer, Performer and Teacher Since 2002

I was in Marrakech in 1997 and saw a most inspirational traditional dancer, she was truly mesmirising, full of confidence and grace, she danced with subtle power and femininity and I knew in that second I WANTED TO DO WHAT SHE COULD DO!

In my early 20's I suffered from low-self esteem, low positive-body image and anxiety.  Belly Dance helped me find a network of caring and friendly women of all ages who were happy with the way their bodies looked and moved.  I'd NEVER seen or done anything like this before, at first it was a challenge, with new moves to learn, almost like learning a new language, but with my body, muscles and mind! I was HOOKED!   

Belly Dance is truly life changing!   Twenty years later Im still dancing and teaching, passing on this beautiful art form to all.  Belly Dance has kept me fit, well and happy for decades and my passion is to SHARE this dance with others.   

I have had the wonderful opportunity to train and meet with some of the most wonderful dancers over this time.  Including: JWAAD School of Arabic Dance (London), Jo Wise, Sylvia Cannetti, Wendy Buonaventura, Khaled Mahmoud, Maria D'Silva, Derby Dance Academy, JOY (Jewel of Yorkshire) and many more!

My Styles Modern to ancient....  Egyptian Traditional Folk (Beladi), Turkish (traditional & Royal Court Dancing), Gitano (Arabic/Spanish), Ghawazee (Egyptian Gypsy), Ancient Egyptian - Pharoahonic, Community Dances of the East (Circle & Line - Debke) & Sacred Symbolic Bellydance and More 

Props I work with include: Oriental Veils, Egyptian Cane (Raqs al Assaya), Finger Cymbals (Sagat/Zill) Arabic style, Candle and Shamadan dancing and Silk Fan Veils

A journey to Raqs Sharqi, the true dance of the Orient  After the death of my Mother, intensive Yoga and meditation practice I found a soul urge and need for a more simple lifestyle, so in 2017 I decided to sell most of my costumes and props in search of a more authentic Oriental dance style, and after almost two decades of dance, I find the naturalness of Raqs Sharqi to be an 'exilir for the soul' where you can truly dance and fly as if you have wings.  this improvised, melodic, emotional and raw form of dance, far removed from showy sequins is a true delight to watch and dance. 


I am currently having a break from teaching weekly classes, and am available for Goddess Dance - Sacred Dance - Egyptian Dance and Belly Dance Workshops, events and performances      

Thank you for reading my dance story it is a pleasure to share it with you


Cara Amirah

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