Weekly Online YOGA


YOGA 19:00 ukgmt

MEDITATION 19.45 ukgmt 

Joyful nurturing weekly energy transmission class

COST:  £5 per class - £7 for Yoga and Meditation  

or £30 monthly fee for all regular classes*

(*excluding workshops and retreats)



Finding time to relax the body and mind is essential in the fast paced world we live in today, to nurture yourself and tap into your abundant inner-calm.  
Using yoga, qigong and meditation relaxation techniques are the perfect way to tap into instant relaxation of the body and mind as its gentle and easy to learn system creates immediate results using tried and tested methods,  Yoga, Qigong and Meditation will all help you can get instant results NOW
YOGA is wonderful to undo knots of tension from the body and mind
QIGONG & ELEMENTAL TAI CHI can be practice anywhere for instant CALM
MEDITATION instantly calms the MIND  
Yoga Flo Private & individual Group Tuition 
'Knowledge to help you on your journey'
This session will last for a while, helping you re-calibrate 
your energy and find the next step you need to take
 Yoga is an amazing practice to bring into your life, there is a style suitable for EVERYONE, Yoga heals and assists you integrate a body-mind approach to life, benefits of yoga practice include:

Increase fitness and flexibility levels, core strength and improve posture

 Reduce Stress and tension - Focus on the PRESENT 

Help heal chronic aches, pains and muscular tension 

Unlock energy flow

Increase confidence & self acceptance  

Yoga tuition includes: Asana (Yoga postures), Vinyasa (Series of Postures in a 'Dance'), Pranayama (Breathing), Mantra (Chanting), Mudra (yoga postures for hands), Meditation, Mindfulness, Gratitude, Happiness , Laughter & Joy

We use many different styles of Yoga: Hatha (Sun/Moon), Chinese (Meridian) Yoga, Partner Yoga, Yin-Yoga, Kundalini Yoga & Dru Yoga to integrate healing  

'My life has totally changed since I started Yoga classes,
life just seems to flow more easily now.'  Karen, Mansfield
'My mind and body feel in total unity and balance,
I am CALMER and more in TUNE'  Mrs B, Mansfield
Meditation Tuition 
'Knowledge to help you on your journey'
This session will last for a while, helping you re-calibrate 
your energy and find the next step you need to take
Meditation helps emotionally, mentally and physically to relase stuck patterns, thoughts and emotions helping you gain greater clarity of mind.  There are many ways to meditate and there is a way that is perfect for EVERYONE!
- Anyone can meditate (even if you think you cant)
- you can practice meditation at any age with great results 
- Meditation techniques can be accessed anywhere! 

Learn powerful meditation techniques

Increase happiness and bliss in your life

Clear and re-set the mind

Reduce anxiety, depression, stress, worry, over-active mind

Help release the mind of negative emotions

Create stillness, calm, happiness and self-acceptance in your life

Meditation will give YOU the TOOLS so you can practice on your own  

WHEN PRACTICED DAILY FOR EVEN ONLY 3 MINUTES meditation can help dramatically center and relax your mind

Change your mind  - change your WORLD!

EMOTIONAL Lessen stress, worry, depression, fear, anxiety, loneliness, grief. Enhance self-esteem, happiness, self-acceptance, optimism, relaxation, awareness improves your mood and emotional intelligence.
MENTAL improve memory, mental strength and focus.  Help with better decision making and problem solving.  Also helps with creativity and better cognitive skills
PHYSICAL improve immune system, energy levels, more longevity, reduces blood pressure, improves breathing and heart-rate, helps prevent arthritis and fibromyalgia.  Lessens heart and brain problems, PMS and menopausal syndrome
'I am more aware of my thoughts and emotions,
I feel totally refreshed after meditating'  Karen, Mansfield
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