My story with food is a complex one, up and down twisting and turning, food is the all healer or the all killer, what you eat you truly become.  I have battled through unhealthy food conditioning, and come out the other side stronger.  My family have battled weight problems for generations, and I have been one of the very few to break addictions with unhealthy food (yes, I am still human and not stick thin) but my journey from meat eater to vegetarian to strict vegan for 2 years then settling somewhere in the middle.  I have digested a lot of facts along the way and have much kitchen experience and Herbalist Hedgewitchery advice for all, I am a whizz at teaching easy and healthy
Easy BREAD BAKING and flat breads 
fermented foods for gut health (water kefir, sourdough etc)
Easy raw plant based nutrition including sprouting, raw food preparation
Using herbs as healers
Making FRESH healing teas and ditching the teabags 
plant based power houses nuts and seeds
Healing Mushrooms 
Nutritional powerhouses and healers
and also how to AVOID THE BADDIES such as industrial seed oils (such as rapeseed oil and why they are so bad for you), why avoid canned food, how to eat pranic fresh food rather than 'dead food' how to check if food is good or bad for you, How to avoid caffeine, wheat and other dietary toxins, why you its beneficial to eat organic and much more wealth of knowledge 
I can say that I have never looked back (EVER!) and my plant based fermented raw diet is growing as the benefits are seen every day, clean eating is the way forward, helping with
Better digestion and absorbtion of nutrients
Helping heal the Gut 
Helping long term and chronic illnesses 
reducing inflammation 
Creating a happier and healthier diet 
 I practice what I preach and live a raw plant filled life of goodness (yeah, on a rare day I may want a 'dirty linda mccartney sausage sandwich') but on 95% of the other days Im pretty much on track.  I have hints tips hacks recipes and more to help you on your way, I am here to show you around MY KITCHEN - literally inside it!  and give you inspiration from wherever your entry point is to a healthier and better way to healthy choices  
I am here to share this knowledge with you, together we can succeed




2 hours Zoom £45

New to plant based?  Perfect for beginners

covering how we obtain Prana (Chi Energy from food)

and how you can implement a healthier diet 

Topics which can be included:

What is Prana? How does Diet Prana benefit me

How to get it from food (Ayurvedic Yogic Wisdom)

Food chain Toxins, a safe kitchen: cooking utensils,

Raw foods, healing cooked foods, fermented foods

healing herbs, healthy bread making, 

 Simple easy hacks and changes you can make and more!



Facebook group founded in 2016 by Cara Amirah

offering posts and hacks for PLANT BASED LIFESTYLE

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A plant based meat and dairy free diet provides MANY benefits which include:

A REDUCTION in many diet related illnesses of the West dramatically REDUCE 

Supporting a PEACEFUL world free from animal slavery and cruelty

Eating GREENS are GREENER for the environment

PEACEFUL CONSCIOUSNESS starts when we stop ingesting flesh

and many more benefits