Amethyst and Aura Quartz - Im a 'Gemstone Addict'

Gemstone crystals are beautiful 'Flowers of the Earth', they come in many different varieties, colours and shapes.... Im a 'gemstone addict'... my favourite two gemstones are Amethyst and Aura Quartz, they have such AMAZING energy, in this blog we will look at their astounding properties:

AMETHYST - THE ‘ALL HEALER’ STONE protective and purifying. Calms and tranquilises. Heals: animals, plants, ‘negative earth energies’, yes, place in your garden and home to heal... Wear to create a protective circle of light around you. Use in Bath, Gem waters. Amethyst is also a ‘Conscious death’ stone which you can use with loved ones as the pass on to the Spiritual Plane. Amethyst is a powerful Protector, place Amethyst around your bed at night. (it is related to the Crown/Brow Chakra). Also Amethyst is a wonderful stone to use during Meditation, hold amethyst and draw in its relaxing energy :)

AURA QUARTZ - THE ANGEL STONE This stone has Extraordinary high vibrations. It removes blocks and stagnation from every level of your being, an 'ascension stone'. Aura Quartz activates and aligns all chakras and the aura and heals the physical-spiritual body, connecting you to Serenity, peace and purification. It is a stone which connects you directly with the Angels. Specific colours also have other attributes:

BLUE Connects with Angel guides. Creates higher communication (Throat)

CLEAR Aligns and purifies the Chakras. Great to use with Reiki and Reflexology

GOLDEN Spiritual Harmony, connect with Guides , removes blocks and stagnation (Sacral)

Namaste - Love and Light

Cara 'Aura' Amirah