April Health - Feel in the PINK Moon


Pink Moon is also called Egg Moon (birth and new beginnings) and Fish Moon (after the time fish swam upstream to spawn)

Aprils full moon is Pink Moon, this name came from the first blossoming of pink and green buds and flowers as they first appear on the branches, delicate and beautiful. Pink and green are the colors of the buds and also of the heart, so the message is gentleness and love. Try so of the following to connect with the energies coming up to and around Pink Moon:

  • Treat yourself gently… this is the birth and new beginning, treat yourself tenderly as you start the new Spring season. Care for your fragile self, like a new born baby. Rest as often as you can in the Child Pose (Yoga Asana)

  • This is the time to focus on relationships, connectedness, love, and self-care. Spend relaxing time with yourself or loved ones. Focus on dropping the ‘critical inner talk’, speak to yourself with love, be mindful of your inner words to yourself and others

  • Look at self-compassion, how you can nurture yourself out of the Winter sleep.

  • This is the time of the ‘feminine’ aspect, look at nurturing ‘gentleness’ in your daily activities. Honour the feminine divine in everything. Focus all of your attention on your task at hand, try not

to over multi-task, ease off yourself and be in the moment.

  • Meditate on one-ness and beauty in peace and quiet whenever you can

  • BRING ON THE PINK! ….Wear pink. Light a pink candle. Burn rose scented incense.

  • Crystal Therapy: A great crystal to use at this time of year is Rose Quartz as it helps stimulate love and compassion towards yourself and others. Rose quartz helps to open you heart to love, as you start this year and its new adventures you can connect to your hearts desires and manifest!

  • Eat PINK! …and feel ‘in the pink’. Get plenty of Raspberries, rhubarb and beets! Add in cranberry juice to your drinks to create a healthy pink-drink. Rosehip tea is great for glowing skin! It is high in antioxidants and vitamin C and great for an immune boost. Also try Pukka LOVE Tea with Rose, Chamomile and lavender.... Mmmmmm. Now that is Pink in a cup.


Cara Amirah

Wellness – Reiki – Yoga – Dance – Meditation – Henna