6 MUST HAVE Holistic Therapies (in a NUTSHELL)

There are many different types of holistic treatments, all different, yet all work on the theory and practice of 'homeostasis', to bring yourself into balance and whole and free of dis-ease.

The aim of all Holistic therapy treatments is HOMEOSTASIS, which means to bring the body’s energy flow into balance (of the body, mind and emotions), as you start to look at your wellness and create balance in your life you come into a state of equilibrium. When energy blocks are released 'dis-ease' in the corresponding areas of the body is also released, which helps to naturally restores balance and harmony in the body and can help to calm the mind, relax the body, which are all inter-connected.

There are many wonderful holistic treatments, too many to mention below, as this is just a beginners guide

here are a few examples:

1/ REFLEXOLOGY – Balancing Foot treatment acupressure massage which works on the whole body’s systems and general wellness, eliminating energy blocks. This is a TOTAL MUST HAVE and number one on the list. Its very relaxing and you can really feel the benefit after even one treatment!

2/ INDIAN HEAD MASSAGE – A brilliant treatment to undo the tension in body and mind. Massage of the back, neck, head and scalp to help overall wellness. This style of massage originated in India and is traditionally done seated and through clothing. Its original name was Champissage, where we get the word shampoo from.

3/ BACH REMEDY – similar to homeopathy but where flowers extracts are used, this excellent system works great with emotions and dealing with them, especially helping to calm emotions and can be safely used alongside medication and are suitable for all including children and pets.

4/ CRYSTAL HEALING - Crystal healing therapy involves placing gemstones on the body to balance heal, cleanse and also draw out any negative energy and helps balance the bodies energy centers (the Chakras). Chakra balancing is totally relaxing and helps calm the body and mind. One of my favourite treatments of all! The colours of the crystals are so wonderful and you can really feel a difference after a treatment

5/ SOUNDBATH THERAPY, huge in LA!!!! All the stars are having a soundbath, soon to hit the UK big style, is basically a meditation session where you lay down and have sounds wash over you (hence the reference to the 'bath') It is a healing session, and will help cleanse your aura and chakras and can help relax and heal on a profound level

6/ HOLISTIC COACHING – This is a NEW BIG ONE too, have some help focusing on whats important in your life, if youve lost your way and dont know how to move on from where you are! .... A holistic coach will look at your lifestyle and help you give YOU a spring clean! Perfect if you want to bring in new energy and focus into your life or to help you balance your life better

Holistic therapies can also help a wide variety of conditions including:

Calm emotions and Reduces depression

Helps with Stress, anxiety, hypertension and insomnia

Increases energy levels

Helps with chronic pain and general 'aches and pains' (may help reduce pain)

Can help headaches, migraines, sinus problems, digestion problems

Helps eliminate toxins from the body

Stimulates blood circulation and nerve function

Improves cognitive health

Beneficial during Pregnancy

and more

I hope you enjoy your HOLISTIC journey into wellness and a happy life


Cara Amirah