The top 10 benefits of Reflexology

Lets start with what is Reflexology? Reflexology is a tried and tested ancient Chinese and Egyptian form of massage, using techniques similar to acupressure. The Reflexologist manipulates key areas and specific points on the feet (or hands, and sometimes ears, called auriculartherapy).

The aim of a Reflexology treatment is HOMEOSTASIS, which means to bring the body’s energy flow into balance (of the body, mind and spirit), as Meridians and energy centres of the body are balanced you come into a state of equilibrium.

A Reflexologist follows mapped out areas on the foot that correspond to particular organs and parts of the body. The Reflexologist will stimulate points and regions on the feet to help eliminate energy blocks.

When energy blocks are released 'dis-ease' in the corresponding areas of the body is also released.

Reflexology restores balance and harmony in the body and can help to calm the mind, relax the body, which are all inter-connected, and can help relieve a wide variety of conditions including:


1/ Reflexology helps to Calm emotions and Reduces depression. And also helps with Stress, anxiety & hypertension. Thus helping ease insomnia too

2/ Reflexology increases nerve function, by the meridian systems pathways in the body, the pressure points in the feet affect the whole body from head, literally to TOE!

3/ Can help balance your energy, and increase energy levels if you feel tired, or relax you if your stressed out

4/ Reflexology is a tried and tested way to help relieve chronic pain and general 'aches and pains' ( and also may help reduce pain)

5/ Can help sinus problems, headaches and migraines. There are many points the reflexologist can work on to help relieve sinus and headache problems

6/ Is great to help digestion problems, as the stomach is directly linked to stress and worry which we are all subjected to on a daily basis

7/ Reflexology actually helps the body metabolise and speeds up healing of wounds, improves metabolism and stimulates the circulatory and nervous system!

8/ Helps eliminate toxins from the body... a great relaxing way to detox! Lay back, have your feet massaged, and get rid of toxins, wonderful. Always good to follow a reflexology treatment with plenty of water and avoid alcohol afterwards, as the levels of toxin release is high

9/ Improves cognitive health, yes, that is your BRAIN! All of the body is mapped out on the feet, including the brain, of which the reflexologist will stimulate points on your feet related to your pituitary and pineal glands thus helping your brain r e l a x.

10/ Fed up of being told what you cant have when youre pregnant? ..... well, its official! Reflexology is beneficial during Pregnancy!

So, Reflexology is a very healing treatment on many levels, and also relaxing too, another benefit is that the treatment requires no removal of clothing (so is non-invasive), especially for those who prefer to keep their clothes on in front of others, this is the treatment for you! There are different styles of Reflexology from Traditional to 'Gentle-Touch' all of which are super wonderful and healing

And for the ticklish among you, reflexology should be applied at a fairly firm pressure, so even the most ticklish will find the treatment relaxing


Cara Amirah

Studio Amirah