A-Z crystal Guide

Updated: Jan 10


THE ‘ALL HEALER’ STONE protective and purifying. Calms and tranquilises. Heals: animals, plants, ‘negative earth energies’. Wear to create a protective circle of light. Use in Bath, Gem waters. ‘Conscious death’ stone. Protector, place around bed at night. (Crown/Brow). Meditate holding amethyst (and draw in its relaxing energy)


THE ‘ANGEL’ STONE Peaceful calming stone. Great for gentle communication.

Afghanite K2

THE ULTIMATE HEALER A new rare stone from the second highest mountain in the world. A combination of Granite, Azurite with Malachite. Mega healing and wellness. Excellent for Spiritual growth and past life healing. Grounding and supportive. Meditating with this stone brings harmony and overall balance.


THE OPPORTUNITY STONE Prosperity, Healing and good Luck. Great for manifesting. Amplifies creativity. Opens heart to loving relationships. Release old pattern and negative habits. Protects against EMF’s (Heart)

Aura Quartz

THE ANGEL STONE Extraordinary high vibration. Removes blocks, stagnation. Activates and aligns chakras.

BLUE Connects with Angel guides. Creates higher communication (Throat)

CLEAR Aligns and purifies the Chakras. Great to use with Reiki and Reflexology

GOLDEN Spiritual Harmony, connect with Guides , removes blocks and stagnation (Sacral)

Heals physical-spiritual body. Connects you to Serenity, peace purification. Connects with Angels

Aqua Aura Mala bead bracelet necklace by Cara Amirah MalaLala (Etsy)

Blue Calcite

THE CALM STONE Calms-Relaxes-Protects. Absorbs, releases negative Emotions. Helps expression of feelings. Helps anxiety & Depression. Restores Balance (Yin stone). Releases old negative patterns. Good for meditation.

Blue Lace Agate

EARTH RAINBOW STONE Tranquil circular energy calms uplifts and elevates. Harmonises Yin/Yang. Grounds higher energies. Stimulates Auric body. Angel & Spirit guide support for healing. Blocks negativity (Throat)

Black Onyx

THE ‘BODY GUARD’ Powerful protection crystal. Shields body and mind from negative energies. Keeps energy safe. A Strengthening stone, supportive during stressful times. Alleviates depression.


THE SELF-ESTEEM STONE Grounding & stabilising. Restores vitality, creativity and sensuality. Stimulates energy. Motivates for success, dispels apathy, helps you to trust in yourself, calms anger and emotional negativity replacing with love, brings in and balances receptive-accepting-feminine energy throughout the lower Chakras (Solar Plexus-Sacral-base) and known as ‘The Setting Sun’ Stone in Ancient Egypt.


THE SUNSHINE STONE (‘MERCHANTS’ STONE) Cleanses, holds ‘suns power’, protects aura, Purifying. Wealth & Abundance. Keep in purse or cash box or use in a grid. Doesn’t need to be cleansed. Cleanses environment continually (SPlexus)


THE GENIUS STONE (The ‘Hoover’ Stone) Absorbs and neutralises negative energy around the body and home. Cleanses and rejuvenates the aura. Highly protective and most powerful energy cleansing stone (Throat-Heart-Higher Heart)

Golden Rutilated

ANGELS HAIR – HAIR OF VENUS STONE A very powerful healing stone carrying Angelic energy.


Energises all chakras & infuses body with divine light. Strengthens motivation and willpower. (all chakras)


THE PEACEFUL GROUNDER STONE – STONE OF THE MIND Ultimate help to ground, protect and centre energy. Harmonises and provides clarity through peace. Eliminates negativity in body. Releases blocks and self-limitating thoughts. (Base/Earth)


THE GUARDIAN HARMONISER Crystal – A protector stone, protects you in all dimensions