May Health - Cleanse and renew (Flower Moon)

The moon affects us all, whether we notice or not, for up to 3 days before during and after the full moon you may feel its effects. Full moons are a great time to stop and rest, honor the cycles of life and the Moons energy.

This May lets welcome in FLOWER MOON (also called ‘Full Blessing Moon’ and ‘Bright Moon’. May’s Moon reaches its fullest and flowers blossom and bloom in May.

The flower moon is said to be one of the brightest moons of the year, shining light down on the blossoms and crops, let this luminosity light up your life, inner and outer world too. The energy of Flower moon is:

  • Beauty: step into your true power

  • Abundance: Like the bountiful flowers of nature, its time for us to blossom!

  • Prosperity: a time to wish and make plans, focus on manifestation

  • Healing: Focus on your internal world of personal growth and balance, illuminate the dark aspects of yourself and allow light to shine within!

  • Re-Birth: What do you need to let go of? The moon will help you to refresh and renew, like a snake shedding its skin

Release LET GO

Refresh, Re-New - find a new you….

Press your RE-SET BUTTON on Flower Moon!

May is also associated with the divine feminine, connect with your inner divine feminine. Let all around you blossom, especially your relationships, spend time with your partner, family, loved ones and your loved community.

If you can:

  • Light a fire outdoors and enjoy its cleansing and uplifting energy

  • Create an affirmation for yourself, what energy do you want to focus and bring into your life?

  • Take time to meditate, what do you need to let go of?

Enjoy your next full moon and may it be a BLOSSOM FILLED SWEET one

Peace & love


Cara Amirah

© 2017

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