June Health - Strawberry Moon is Hot Moon!



The moon in June is the closest moon to the Summer Solstice, days get longer and you feel the urge to make the most of this time. The Algonquin tribe call this moon the Strawberry moon as this is when they harvest strawberries. In Europe the June moon is called the Rose Moon as the roses bloom and is also called bee moon as the bee get busy collecting pollen from the array of flowers.

This month:

  • Honor and embrace the sun energy as the light is at its strongest and earth tides turn. Use this energy to make decisions and take responsibility for your actions and present circumstances. Clear away dullness or anyone that ‘dulls your shine’. Like as the rose blooms, peel back the petals and bloom yourself!

  • Work on strengthening your authentic self, ‘feel into your fire’ and shine forth your positive traits! Clear away weakness and inconsistencies. Be active with plans, don’t hold back! Now is the time to go at faster pace at this full yet restful energetic period.

  • Cleanse clear and de-clutter your possessions, get rid of anything that no longer serves you

  • Protect your energy as you are in your full power

  • This is a time for warm nights, let this warmth and affection spread through your live to yourself and those around you (also called ‘Lovers Moon’ a great time to connect to your lover with passion and let the ‘sap rise’).

Let magic happen

COLORS - Surround yourself with orange, golds and greens. Eat foods these colors and if you can wear these colours to connect with your sacral, solar plexus and heart space.

THE SCENTSUAL - Orchids, lavender and lily of the valley are the flowers and scents of June Moon. Surround yourself with these beautiful heady scents. Also don’t forget to celebrate and eat strawberries!

CEREMONY - Celebrate with Isis, Ishtar and the GreenMan deities

POWER ANIMALS - The Butterfly, Peacock and Frog are June’s power animals. Connect to their energy

Have a BEAUTIFUL, juicy strawberry Moon


Cara Amirah


Strawberry moon, taken from Long Stratton, near Norwich, UK. Credit: Gerhard