August Health - Dive Deep on Sturgeon Moon

August’s moon is called Sturgeon Moon, Barley Moon, Blueberry Moon, Grain Moon, Red Moon, Green Corn Moon and Wheat Moon as all ripens according to the Farmer's Almanac. It is a time to give thanks for the abundance of nature by harvesting, gathering and most importantly, appreciating. The Moon at this time of year as it rises appears to have a reddish sultry haze, Hence its name, Red Moon, watch the Sturgeon moon rise and bathe in its Majesty.

The name Sturgeon Moon is a very sacred name for August’s moon as the Great Lake fish Sturgeon is plentifully caught at the beginning of August, and the full moon used to alert people to its fishing date. The Native American tribe Ojibwe have a clan dedicated to their sacred fish, the Sturgeon (see power animal below). The Native American Tribe, Menominee have Spring rituals to honour the Sturgeon.

August Moons meaning:

  • HONOUR SACRED SPACE AND DIVE DEEP – Harness your internal power as the Sturgeon calls you back to inner-self. Like a fish in a lake dive deep within and find your inner power, it is also a time to heal things in the depth of your subconscious you may usually ignore. Connect to your all-knowing expansive inner space with meditation, you will be blessed with better vitality and health for the coming autumn months

  • SELF-NURTURE – give yourself permission to put into place all you need to nurture and nourish yourself, be extra loving and kind to yourself. Empower and honour all wisdom within, through the ancient wisdom of all great teachers. Journal, sit quietly and gaze, enjoy the stillness. Get a massage, go to yoga or meditation class, or pamper yourself at home with a rejuvenating bath. All this will help you let go, ready for the time of hibernation to follow

  • GIVE GRATITUDE - This is the month to give thanks to life and all you have, to Great Spirit, and to yourself. Set this moon aside for pampering yourself and your family.

  • PROTECT YOUR SPACE – Create a safe space for yourself and assert your boundaries if you need to. Recall the bumps of the sturgeon and put yourself first. Re-wild yourself and connect to your inner wild-self, roar like a bear or howl like a wolf and connect to this magical energy. Create the space you need to go deep within this month.

HERBS FOR AUGUST Drink plenty of chamomile to relax. It is also a great time to use St. John’s wort and fennel. Use Oranges in your diet to power up on sacral energy.

COLOURS Bring in yellows and golds at this time of year. Decorate your house with sunflowers, plant marigolds in your garden

ESSENTIAL OILS Frankincense is the perfect oil to use at this time of year, it helps with relaxation and protection and has been used for centuries for meditation practices worldwide. Frankincense will help you find calm and assist you to dive deep as you meditate.

CRYSTALS : Connect to the sacral and base chakras. Use carnelian (helps guide you to make the right choices in life and dispels apathy), jasper (nurturing and earth grounding energy) and fire agate (a highly protective crystal, especially when carried with black tourmaline)

TREES: This is the time of year the hazel tree is ready to produce its nuts. If you can harvest these. Also if you have an alder or cedar tree, go visit one of these sacred trees and spend a little time meditating in their presence

DEITIES: Connect with the following Deities of the August Moon: Ganesha, Thoth, Hathor, Diana, and Hecate

POWER ANIMAL Sturgeon – The Sturgeon is an extremely powerful, wise and sacred symbol. When the sturgeon spirit comes into your life it reminds you to go with the flow and gracefully navigate your emotions, when life’s waters turn rough the Sturgeon will help you remain in control. The Sturgeon also helps you to accept that change is inevitable and to swim with the current of life, helping you swim in the best direction and listen to your instincts as if you resist your emotions and swim upstream the more unhappy you will become. Let the Sturgeon guide you to help control emotions and find your best path to navigate towards inner emotional happiness. The sturgeon is one of the longest living fresh water fish. It can grow up to 1,500 pounds, 20 feet long and live up to 150 years. It is an immensely powerful and protective fish, living at great depths in fast moving water. The Sturgeon has built-in defense mechanism bumps on its back called scutes (pointy protective tips), to protect them from predators.


  • Lion: Strength, assertiveness, personal power

  • Phoenix: Transformation and re-birth

  • Sphinx: Connect to your higher potential and commune with God

  • Dragon: Transformation, wisdom and infinity

  • Crane: Spirit centred creativity and longevity

  • Falcon: Strength, courage. See the bigger picture

  • Eagle: Guardian and connection to Divine God


Cara Amirah