Bring that golden glow in.... September health (Corn Moon)

Corn Moon - Harvest Moon

The Corn moon is called so as it marks the time when corn is harvested late into the night by the light of this moon. Most often, this Moon is the closest to the autumn equinox.

This full moon is the time to focus on:

  • BALANCE: Where can you balance your life? When you find balance you are able to work from a space of love. This is a time to see where can you balance your life more effectively, be aware of your dual nature and seek to balance this through all body systems

  • REST This is a time for harvesting in and a time for rest

  • CLEAN AND ORGANISE your inner scape, remove all clutter ready for the Autumnal release and Winter sleep. This includes physical, mental, emotional and spiritual clutter.

COLOUR: Bring yellow, yellow-gold, yellow-green and brown into your life. Look around you, from everything you eat to the colours you wear, bring that yellow sunshine into your life!

AROMATHERAPY: Bergamot is a beautiful scent. Its energising and mood lifting soft citrus scent is delightful and will help cheer you up as the nights begin to draw in

HERBAL REMEDIES If you’re feeling a little tired and in need of relaxation enjoy a cup of valerian herbal tea. Time to start cooking with Bay leaves, helping detox and refresh the body

CRYSTALS What better way than to bring in yellow than with Citrine! Citrine is a powerful cleanser and regenerator, helping boost positivity and self esteem

CALL ON THE FAERIES! Summer is at its peak and the faeries are everywhere. Spend time in nature, turn off your phone. If you cant get out, buy some lilies and commune with the flower faeries!


SACRED SNAKE Call on the Snake to help heal and regenerate you, re-birth with snake energy. The snake will help you shed your old skin and look at what you can transform in your life. Take time out for journeying or healing your emotions, mental and spiritual self.

SPARROW The small and beautiful sparrow is one of the most common birds you will see in your garden. Though small the sparrow animal totem is a very powerful one indeed, reminding us to lead a simple and humble, yet powerful life through our daily productive actions in our community. The sparrow also connects us to our heart-song, just as they do, sing the song of your own soul! The Greeks believed the Sparrow was the pet of Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love. Connect with their energy, passion and creativity of the Sparrow. In ancient Britain, sparrows symbolized the friendly spirits of the household. Watch them play, feed them and connect to their amazing energy!

DEITIES OF CORN MOON: Demeter, Isis, Freya, Thoth

Thank you


Cara Amirah