October Health - Honor Harvest Moon

Harvest Moon / Hunter Moon (October Full Moon)

This full Moon is called the harvest moon as it is the first full moon after the Autumn Equinox, also called Blood Moon, or Sanguine Moon, as this is the last chance to harvest before times got lean, as leaves fall from the trees, the livestock are fattened and stores were filled for the long winter ahead, and blood-moon for the annual live-stock slaughter and its famous orange-red glow it seems to get at this time of year.

Also called the Hunter moon as fields were reaped hunters could easily see their pray feasting on the fallen grains. This moon was an important feast day celebration for Western European* and Native American tribes. (*UK isles, France, Spain and Portugal)


FIND INNER HARMONY AND ‘LETTING GO’ – this is a powerful time to let go, create a space for inner cleansing and ceremony to support what you need to let go of

CLEANSING FOOD – start to cut down on your portion sizes, YES! That’s right. Our bodies are geared to eat less over the winter months, try to eat light and healthy to keep you strong over the Autumn and Winter months.

Also PAY THANKS TO YOUR FOOD – Honour all you eat and give thanks to the energy of all plants and animals involved, especially if they have sacrificed their life for you, you truly are and become ‘what you eat’, feel this balance and create inner harmony with your food. Also enjoy the amazing autumnal foods on offer and get creative with nuts (chestnuts particularly), seeds a-plenty, squash, pumpkin and gourds, they make great light healthy roasts, stews and soups!

Give thanks to your ANCESTORS – this is a great time to connect to your Ancestral lineage by honouring stories, recipes and connecting to the ‘old ways’ of you family. This is also a good time for doing Ancestral Healing and clearing Ancestral Karma

Plant ‘SEEDS’ in the form of ideas for new projects you want to manifest in your life, it’s a great time to think and be creative

Take a walk and connect with the FROST FAERIES! Kick up some leaves and feel the frosty air on your skin, a sure way to enliven your senses


HERBAL REMEDIES – Add Thyme to your cooking, make soups and stews with the wonderful flavour. Thyme Tea is great for colds and bronchitis (sore throat) and helps with cold weather arthritic conditions. Thyme also helps to calm the stomach. If you can catch the last of the thyme in your garden and dry some out to use in the kitchen, or buy some to use, fresh thyme has plenty of vitamin A & C.

COLOURS: The colours of dark blue-green are yours to revel in! Light a blue or green candle in honour of the Moon, wear these colours, or even bring in some dark green foliage to decorate your sacred space

FLOWERS: Pick the last of your marigolds, or buy some in honour of the October Moon. Use marigold creams and body preparations or even drink Marigold tea for a natural boost and antiseptic properties.

AROMATHERAPY: Peppermint is a beautiful oil to use at the Full Moon phase, it is uplifting and has antiseptic properties. Peppermint will help clear out old energies (on all levels) helping you to focus on your emotional and spiritual growth.

How to use: inhale and apply to your energetic field. Rub the blended oil into your palm chakras (palms) and then cleanse your energy field, like smudging! Go with the flow, do it however you feel, calmly or with dance

CRYSTALS: Connect to the mystical opal to help stabilise your emotions, or boost protection and grounding with tourmaline (all colours have specific properties). Also use healing and protective turquoise

POWER ANIMALS: Connect to your heart power with the stag. Wisdom and strength with the elephant, and also a power animal to help you connect to your ancestral lineage, take a journey with the Elephant to access Ancestral power and healing. Also the Robin is a divine bird symbolising rebirth and will help you to connect with honouring your inner passion and honour!

GODDESSES OF OCTOBER MOON: Some Deities to honour in October are: Ishtar, Demeter, Lakshmi, Hathor

Have a happy and beautiful delightful Autumnal October

Thank you

Cara Amirah