Look after yourself in November - Frosty Moon

Full Moon in November – Frosty Moon - Dark Moon - Beaver Moon - Fog Moon

Full moon time in November is called by many names, Dark Moon as the nights draw in and become darker, Fog Moon as the pre-winter mystical feeling draws near, Frosty Moon as the first frosts appear in full and Beaver Moon as written in the Farmers Almanac, was a time when the beavers prepare for winter (and also tribes set traps for beavers for their fur to keep warm during the cold winter months) it was also the moon When the Deer Shed Antlers

Here are some ways you can help yourself stay in tune in November:

  • Heal and Regenerate yourself, like the earth laid under the frosts, allow yourself to be still and be still! Enjoy doing nothing, get under that blanket and have some radical rest time! During this stillness, look for areas in your life that are ready for transformation and allow your mind to empty so you can focus with more clarity.

  • Strengthen your body and mind. Eat less at this time of year, have warming and simple foods like vegetarian soups and bean, lentil stews, even consider a fast or half day fast. Drink plenty of cleansing herbal teas and water. Consider making a brew of Fire Cider to help strengthen your body over the winter months (see my Fire Cider blog for the recipe). For those that suffer from seasonal SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) start taking vitamin D supplements now, as your exposure to sunlight diminishes, you may start to feel depression, anxiety, agitation and poor sleep arise, or make time during daylight hours to spend extra time outdoors if you prefer.

  • Spiritually-fertilise yourself! connect with deities (god or goddess) you are drawn to, some deities for November are: Lakshmi, Sarasvati, Kali and Bast

  • The Jyoti Flame meditation is a wonderful meditation all year round, but especially great at this time of year as the candle meditation fills you with love and light (see my blog feed for this meditation)

  • Yoga practice should be restful and relaxing

COLOUR THERAPY – Surround yourself with soft colours. Use teals and greys or muted turquoise, all calming and neutral colours. These colours will allow you to regenerate

FLOWER THERAPY – Get yourself some blooms, the Christmas Cactus is a wonderful plant to have around your home at this time of year and fills your space with colorful blooms which can last for over a month

HERBAL TEAS Peppermint or lemon tea are excellent teas for this time of year, both are a great pick me up and full of anti-oxidants. Peppermint soothes the stomach (called te stomach healer). Lemon is full of vitamin C

AROMATHERAPY: Zesty Lemon and Cedarwood essential oils make a perfect combination at this time of year. Lemon is a great anti-depressant and uplifting, also great to help reduce stress. Cedarwood is super relaxing and warming, made from pine needles, it’s a beautiful scent for this time of year. Cypress and Lavender oils are also a good to add to this combination. Mix a few drops of each in 20ml of carrier oil, Almond or jojoba is extra nourishing at this time of year.

CRYSTALS: Lapis Lazuli is the perfect crystal for November! Lapis Lazuli is great to wear, carry or use during meditation. A stone of protection, helps releases stress and bringer of deep peace, harmony and inner self-knowledge.

ANIMALS: Connect to the power of the magical unicorn, the mystical scorpion (November is Scorpio), the ancient crocodile, the wise owl and the Sacred sparrow.

Have a Magical November


Love Light

Cara Amirah