Light up from WITHIN in December

This is the month when winter truly begins, the low cold temperatures grip in, day light hours become shorter and nights become long and dark lasting for months until February.

December’s Full Moon marks this passage and is called ‘Cold Moon’ or ‘Long Night Moon’, being the last moon before Winter Solstice, also called ‘hibernal solstice’, meaning this is a perfect time of year for quiet, rest and to have some time to find peace, during the frantic pre-christmas rush, you must remember to slow down and enjoy laying around doing nothing.

Here are a few wonderful ways to help yourself in December:

LEARNING TO LET-GO! As you endure the long dark nights find your inner ‘endurance’, this means looking within to release any emotions that no longer serve you, and then quite literally ‘let-go!’. When you feel lighter you will be able to share and give with others around you, especially others who need more help at this time of year.

REFLECT FOR CHANGE – Find time to Reflect on the past year, re-evaluate where you want to go and who you want to be in the coming twelve months. It is a time to re-discover yourself and then look at what you want to change. This could also be a time when you have a clear out physically of any unwanted items and give them to someone in need

REPLENISH – Wrap up cosy and warm, enjoy the long dark nights indoors. Light some candles, a fire or put on some ambient lighting, there is nothing more lovely than sitting around mood light, enjoy the warmth as you connect to the element of light and fire at the darkest time of year

GO OUTDOORS – Its good to be inside all warm and cosy, but it is very important to go outside. As soon as you see some Winter Sun get out there, don’t delay, wrap up warm and GO! It is essential to keep topped up on sunshine which provides vitamin D. If you feel low in mood or energy invest in a daylight lamp or daylight waking alarm clock or even take Vitamin D supplements if you feel you may have SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder)

KEEP WELL – In the Chinese system, winter is extreme Yin energy and affects everything water in your body, this means to keep balanced and healthy you really do need to keep warm! Avoid contrasting temperatures (i.e. being too hot, then too cold) try and keep your body temperature as even as possible, this means wrapping up well and avoiding very hot temperatures. In order to stay warm at this time of year you may find you crave more carbohydrates, root vegetables, wholegrains and pulses are perfect as they are seasonal, this is normal as they produce heat (Pitta), ensure you eat small and often. Keep warm with herbal tea, Ginger is a perfect Yule time drink, great for the circulation and digestion. If you do get ill, use wonderful natural remedies like Fire Cider for colds and flu and even invest in Colloidal Silver which works a treat to help beat the winter bugs.

SOOTHE YOUR SOUL – Have soothing winter baths, visit a sauna, go find a hangout with a lovely fire place. Put your feet up and have a soothing mug of Cinnamon & Nutmeg hot milk. For Meditation try the Jyoti Light Meditation (check out the blog here), which is a wonderful meditation to do all the way through the darkest part of the year.

AYURVEDA: Some very ancient yet brilliant advice: Go to bed early! Go to bed before 10pm so you can wake earlier, getting more daylight hours in the process. Have Soothing evening drinks of turmeric and Cardamon Milk. Exercise daily to beat sluggishness and improve the circulatory system. As the weather gets bad ensure you have plenty of time for travel to help reduce stress. Drink caffeine free warm beverages and eat seasonal warming vegetables and whole grains like root vegetables, potatoes, carrots, suede, parsnip, onion, pearl barley, bulgar wheat, brown rice seasoned with herbs, all are great for hearty soups, stews and casseroles, together with pulses and lentils they will give your body a lovely inner warmth when eaten. Not forgetting breakfast, go for warming oats.

COLORS: White, red and black are the colors of the darkest season, enjoy wearing or having them around you to connect with the energy of December.

AROMA THERAPY: Choose warming and invigorating essential oils like Juniper, Pine, Rosemary, ginger and Cinnamon, use them for massage or in an oil vapourizer. Tea Tree is brilliant to help beat the cold and flu season (use in massage oil or burn in a vapourizer to kill airborne virus). Pine, geranium, bergamot and clove are brilliant for bath or massage oil.

ANIMALS: Connect with the ancient Wolf (from Celtic tradition), trust your instincts, stay on track and be at home with nature are a few of Wolf’s messages. The goose is the Native American totem for December, helping you to connect with staying focused and being resourceful.

TREES: Holly, Pine, Fir and Evergreens are all connected with December and Yule. Bring holly and berries into your home or make a door wreath to celebrate the Yule period. Hang mistletoe and Ivy around your home and bring some evergreens in to celebrate.

CRYSTALS: Obsidian and ruby follow the color therapy for this time of year, connect with passion and personal power with the Ruby and Black Obsidian will help remove any negative energy or emotions from you at this time of year. Snow quartz is another very soothing crystal, its calming and soothing energy is perfect for meditation and rest

GODS AND GODDESS: As we all know December is a time when Christians celebrate Jesus’ Birth. Allow Jesus into your life to help heal your soul, especially for you to help let go of old patterns and beliefs. Also celebrated at the darkest time of year are: Osiris (Egyptian God of the Underworld), Athena (Goddess of wisdom and courage) and Persephone (Queen of the Underworld) are all related to the darker half of the year and the season of long nights.

Enjoy manifesting a beautiful Dark Nights December

Enjoy December


Cara Amirah