Vegan Portuguese Rice Pudding- Arroz Doce

Im vegan, my partner is portuguese so here is a wonderfully delightful recipe for a VEGAN version based on traditional portuguese recipe

Its smooth, sweet, cinnamony, super tasty and oh so so creamy. 

Serves 8 

You will need 

A big pan! (portuguese style!)

2c short grain rice

4.5c filtered or bottled water

1 tsp himalayan salt

Lemon peel cut into long thin strips to taste. I used a small organic unwaxed  lemon and it tasted great (avoid the pith as this is bitter) 

4c almond milk or milk alternative

1 small carton of soya or oat cream

2 tbspn vegan butter

2c brown sugar

1/2 Vanilla pod seeds extracted or a good quality vanilla essence

1 cinnamon stick (optional)

Ground cinnamon to decorate the top

1. Cook rice to packet instructions in water (you can add in the lemon strips and cinnamon stick at this stage if you like a strong lemony flavour). Add rice and water from ingredients above and simmer for around 15 mins

2. Add rest of dry ingredients (sugar, vanilla, lemon, cinnamon stick, butter) then slowly add in half a cup at a time of the milk and dashes of cream a bit at a time (keep the rice pudding nice and thick consistency, dont over add or it will go runny) simmer and stir regularly for another 20 mins keeping adding a more milk or cream when required. Take off simmer and let the pan cool for 5 mins 

3. Put the warm pudding in separate small dishes or one large glass dish. Allow to fully cool. Decorate with cinnamon powder. Traditionally in a heart or lattice pattern 

Serve cold and enjoy


E pronto! 

Vegan arroz Doce! 

Love light


Cara Amirah