Be HAPPY in January

After the brightly lit festivities of Christmas, January can seem dark and gloomy, even a little depressing for some people. The weather is intensely cold and nature is stripped to its bare minimum.

And then... In the cold starkness of January we begin to see the first green shoots appear in the hard snowy ground, this time was revered and called the ‘Renewal Time’ by the Native Americans. As even though everything is bare, there is still activity for renewal happening within the earth and within you! This time of year is a magical time, a time for creation, renewal and rebirth.

The first moon in January after Yule is a special Lunar time and is called ice moon, snow moon and wolf moon in the Farmer’s Almanac and Anglo-Saxon culture. In Ancient times, it was a time for snuggling inside your cosy dwelling and relaxing as hungry wolves would be heard howling outside. Times were lean, food was scarce, the days short and nights long. This magical time of year where we can harvest the ancient energies still applies to us today, even though its easy to forget as the world launches into a New Year resolution frenzy after holiday season, that we must take this time to slow down and relax.

Here are some great ideas to start you on your journey

Take it easy and be gentle on ourselves in January.


Pay attention to your diet, and look at what quality of food are you consuming. It is recommended you cut down on the amount of food you consume daily, especially over the winter period (recommended by a Medical Herbalist) as humans would naturally had to of naturally eaten less food over the leaner Winter months. One good way to eat less is to make your portion sizes smaller and eat no more than what you can fit into your cupped hands in one meal sitting, this is guideline determines how much food your stomach can hold comfortably. If you are over 30 years old try eating two meals a day (recommended by Sadhguru) as your need for food lessens with age. The Winter period is not a good time to launch into strict diet or detox regimes, we need to ensure our bodies remain healthy and well to fight colds and virus.

AYURVEDA: Still keep up the advice for Winter:

  • Go to bed early (before 10pm, get up earlier, thus getting more daylight hours in the process.

  • Have Soothing evening drinks of turmeric and Cardamon Milk.

  • Exercise daily to beat sluggishness and improve the circulatory system.

  • Ensure you have plenty of time for travel to help reduce stress.

  • Drink plenty of warm beverages (caffeine free). Some great teas are ginger tea and tulsi (holy basil) tea, both great for strengthening the system

  • Eat warm food whenever possible, including nuts and seeds for added energy. Eat seasonal vegetables and wholegrains for inner warmth, light nourishing soups and stews are perfect.

  • Avoid cold food and drinks in the winter period (great Ayurvedic advice)

  • Add Warming spices and herbs to your diet.


Simplify your life as much as possible in January, let go of everything you possibly can and adopt a ‘minimalist’ approach, from emotions, old mental out-dated thoughts to old routines that no longer serve you. Clear your mind and enjoy ‘BE-ing’, set aside everything you don’t need to do and create some space in your life. Others may prefer to clear out old clutter and feng-shui your home space.


We are all used to the new year resolutions of January, lets take this to a deeper reflective level:

  • MEDITATION – coming into your still centre so you can resonate from your true self, when you are within your centre you will know who you are so you can truly be yourself and manifest what you desire into the world

  • SELF-REFLECTION – a good time to sort out personal problems, issues and shadow-self stuff. By looking at your darker side you can develop your inner-self from a place of healing and balance. January is also a good time to heal any past issues, or even evaluate the past year.

  • JOURNALING – any issues from meditation or self-reflection are great to journal on at this time of year, grab a pen and paper and write away!

All of the above are great for tapping into your abundant inner wisdom and intuition. If you need further help Cara offers New You Integrated Healing Sessions in person and by phone.


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AROMATHERAPY: Purify yourself and your surroundings to bring luck into your home. Sage oil and Juniper are wonderful oils to use at this time of year. Burn or vaporise sage in your home to sweep out old energy and bring in new fresh energy.

COLOR: White, black and silver are the colors of January, enjoy wearing or having them around you.

ANIMAL: The ancient Wolf (from Celtic tradition) will help you trust your instincts, stay on track and be at home with nature.

TREE: Birch, the tree of re-birth and regeneration is one of the first trees to grow back.

CRYSTAL: Hematite is a great stone to use at this time of year. It is grounding and protective, and as you spend time to ‘earth’ it will centre your energy. Hematite also helps with the mind and helps hone logic and memory as you may feel a little ‘slow’ or ‘out of sorts’ in January.

GODDESS: The Norse Goddess Freya will help you connect to strength, femininity, fertility and wealth. Helping you create your wishes for the coming year

Enjoy January


Cara Amirah

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