NEW YEAR - NEW YOU! Manifesting Magic for the year ahead


for the year AHEAD

The Winter Months are a brilliant time to reflect on the past year and bring in energy to create and manifest an amazing and awesome Year ahead. As the nights are long and dark, and your sofa beckons you to stay firmly seated, put this time to good use and refresh your inner self.

Grab some paper (or your Journal) and lets GO!

Write, create and manifest a MAGICAL NEW YEAR!

Today is the day.

Every word you write will return to you with magic and LOVE

Lets get started,



  • What want well this year? (all the good stuff)

  • What did I learn this year? (lessons good and not so good)

  • What do I want to let go of from the past year?

  • What transformed me this year?

  • What are my ‘self discoveries’ this past year?

  • I am proud of myself for:

  • I was grateful for:

  • What didn’t go so well? (what can I let go of from the past year?

Congratulations! The past year has been honored, the good and bad, the ups and downs, the joys and sorrows, the potential for growth and wisdom (even in the not so nice bits) of the past year.

Lets now look ahead at the year ahead of us to create and manifest some more magic


  • I want my new year to be and feel like: (go for it!)

  • What do I want to change for the future?

  • This year I will:

  • This year I will release and let go of:


  • What are my wonderful habits?

  • This year I will STOP and LET-GO of: (habits, emotional or mental blocks)

  • What am I going to start doing?

  • I give myself permission to:

  • My spiritual goals: (for a calm and centred me)

  • How can I create better self care and love ME more? (daily self care, rest days, retreats?)

  • My Body: (how can I love my body more? Diet, weight, exercise)

  • What amazing activities can I do to help me relax?

  • What are my dreams or dream days/nights for the next year?

  • How would I like to celebrate my birthday?


  • My creative goals: (arts, crafts etc)

  • What are my dream Travel plans? (places to visit, people to visit)

  • Where would I like to visit that will feed my soul?

  • My Learning goals: (mentors, guides, tuition, training)

  • Who would I like to meet to mentor or guide me?

  • My career goals: (money, career path satisfaction)

  • My money & finance goals: (savings, expenses, income, money blocks)

  • How can I be happier in my job/career?

  • How can I attract more money?


  • My relationship goals: (partner, children, friendships)

  • How can I feel supported at home this year? (with family, friends)

  • What adventures with friends and family do I want to create?

  • How can I let go or limit difficult or negative people?

  • My Home: (how do you want your home to feel? can I make my home better?)

  • My Community (how can I make my community a better place?)

  • My World. How can I help change the World?


Now its time to create a Mantra, a mantra is like a seed, and we all know seeds grow! Man-tra translates as 'personal transportation', Mantras are a fun and easy way to get you to where you what to be FAST by using the power of your mind.

Choose a word you can say to yourself and focus on in an instant to create a new you! Choose a positive word which will manifest wonderful instant energy into your life

MY ONE WORD MANTRA IS ................................

Now you have chosen, lets reflect:

  • How can I make my mantra actually happen in my daily life?

  • Reflect on anything that may stop you from resonating with your mantra

  • How can you manifest your mantra in your life?

  • What things in your life don’t feel like your mantra? (emotions, thoughts, actions)

  • How can you bring in more of your mantra into your life? (the relationship with yourself, relationships with others, your home, friends, work etc)

Now you have your Mantra word, repeat as often as necessary, even if you repeat over and over again (this is in the world of Mantra, a good sign!). If you feel low or in need, just repeat. Also I would recommend, look up your mantra word, explore it, reflect on its qualities and what they can bring to you and your life. Journal deeper and further into how your chosen word can heal you.

Keep your notes and New You journal in a safe place, you will no doubt want to look back and see how you are doing on your journey throughout the year.

Thank you


Cara Amirah

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