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Want some February zing?  January, for some has been a depressing month so lets enter into February and ignite the stirrings of Spring.  Whether you want to escape into the rays of the sun or curl up in a ball and rest, lets co-create your wellbeing in this fast paced world!

The first signs of Spring are here, the ancient tradition of Imbolc is celebrated on 2nd February by lighting candles for the return of the Sun, when the first snowdrop and crocus shoots appear and buds form on the trees, Imbolc honours these stirrings of Spring and new life.  So surround yourself with fresh bright blooms and give yourself some inner cheer and r-a-dical rest!  Lets do this together…

February retreat time was called the ‘Renewal Time’ by Native Americans, and is a time we can use to retreat within ourselves, cleanse and prepare for our growth on many levels throughout the coming year.  I know you may be thinking, what retreat?  Hey Im busy here!  All you need to do is prepare and create your own retreat time with a little help and a friendly reminder   

THE WISDOM OF THE MOON: February full moon and its meaning give us ancient advice and guidance, the clues are in the names.  Ice Moon: a time for deep relaxation.  Storm moon: storms bring down old dead wood from trees, we too need to let go of what is no longer needed.  On full moon night, get out there! Wrap up warm and gaze at the Moon, feel its beautiful cleansing energy, think of where you are full and what you would like to truly let go of, then surrender it to the moon. 

Some great ideas for February 

HEALING, PURIFICATION AND GROWTH – use the last of dark night time to add extra meditation, reflection and radical rest into your daily routine, try not to zone out in front of the TV with a glass of wine and use this time to truly find ‘tuned-in’ inner-calmness.  What do you need in order to find that stillness and calm within you?  Find a local class so you can be guided with quality meditation practice helping your inner and outer self shine and flourish.

LOVING THE SELF – whatever it takes, a fluffy blanket and a good book, a long luxurious soak in the bath, a relaxing yoga routine, self-massage with lovely pampering oils, a pampering pedicure (under those thick woolly socks), creating a healthy diet for yourself? Laying on your sofa and just being! Find what your inner self requires to practice some serious self-love! Be spontaneous. Have fun. Laugh. BE.   Put your own life jacket on FIRST!  Practice being your own bestest ever parent, nurture and love YOU right to the core of your inner child.

CLEANSE & PURIFY – As you start with your inner self and then move on to the outer, spring clean your home and your surrounding environment.  Your environment is super important, it will fill you with happiness and if cluttered, can create feelings of heaviness and stuckness.  When clearing out, Ask the questions: Is it useful? (how often do you use it?) Is it beautiful? (how much do you appreciate it?) is it needed? If not, then (1) Giveaway, to charity shops, (2) sell to generate money for something you do want.  If you cant part with items place them in storage for 1 year, if you don’t dig them out in that time, then after a year let go!  

BLISS SEEKING Are you happy? I mean a natural happiness, not from what you achieve or buy or collect or own or do?  Look a little deeper into living in the ‘Presence’ the state of natural happiness.  

You are a human ‘Be-ing’, not a human do-ing’.

Learn the art of Gratitude and self reflection, called being ‘the watcher’ or observing the ego-self. 


Do you always have to be doing something? (work, shops, sport, TV, training). 

Do you have habits/addictions to get you by? (food, alcohol, work, smoking, caffeine, drugs).

Are you judgemental, pessimistic and sarcastic? 

Meditation and self-reflection will help you to heal any signs you may be hiding deep disappointments or pain in your life that are stopping you from living your life fully in the here and now.  Everyone is allowed the state of happiness as a birth right.    

REVIEWING THE YEAR If you haven’t reflected on the past year already check out the New Year New You Blog which will help navigate you to a fulfilling year ahead!

GROW & MAKE PLANS Fill your life with hopes and dreams!  ….how you can grow? dream BIG?  Here is an interesting MEDITATION that I was asked a few weeks ago: If money, time or responsibility was not an issue, where would you be and what would you be doing now?

RETREAT:  Want to escape the madness?  Every day life can feel overly fast paced at this time of year, you may feel like you want to escape or even curl up and sleep it through!  These are normal feelings to have at this time of year as your body and mind need this time to rejuvenate and recharge.  You can go on a formal or informal retreat, turn a regular holiday into a retreat or even book a spiritual programme at an ashram or centre, there are many choices for you to find solace,  and not to be overlooked, the last option of turning your own home into your retreat.  Can you move away your laptop and phone and spend some quality time at home as a personal retreat?  If you do, pre-prepare healthy food, activities (such as bathing rituals, meditation/yoga techniques, online courses etc), and even use your outdoor spaces, relax in your garden and take regular walks, as you are on a retreat there will be no hurry and you will be able to look at your surroundings with fresh rejuvenated eyes.    


One of the best spices for February is Ginger, it warms, revitalises and stimulates the 'fire within', and has super healing properties to help soothe colds and coughs, help circulation and more!  Ginger will also help align the rise of Kundalini (serpent) energy at this time of year and is the ancient sacred herb of Imbolc.  Blackberry is also very healing and strengthening for the body, loaded with vitamin C, also an ancient herb Sacred to Brigid/Venus. 

Fasting for February: Februarys moon is also called ‘Hunger moon’, as eating less at this time of year was required when there was little food, and still is beneficial to eat less at this time of year, partial fasting, even if done for half a day will help your body repair and fight off nasty bugs and colds.  It is common sense, if you digest less better quality food your body will have better chance of repairing cells thus creating optimum function.  The easy way to gauge a healthy portion size is for one meal  what you can fit into your cupped hands and no more.  

ESSENTIAL OIL Rosemary is the oil of February.  It is uplifting and super cleansing and is said to 'warm the heart'. It is a piercing yang oil which will help lift apathy and sluggishness.  Use in the bath, as a body massage oil (dilute 20 drops to 100ml of carrier oil)  Other good oils are lavender (relaxing and balancing), and warming cinnamon and ginger. 

GEMSTONE: Amethyst, the ‘Ultimate Healer’ is the stone to connect with and wear.  Amethyst protects your energy, if placed in your home will help heal your environment.  Wear amethyst, especially if you are born in February.

COLOURS:  White and silver for purity and green for fresh burst of life.  Decorate your home with fresh flowers and wear white to uplift and cleanse your spirit.  Wearing white expands the Aura


Bring in the Sacred for February.  Create your own ceremony:

GODDESS: Brigid in her Maiden aspect (Goddess of Fire, Sun and the Hearth/Home).  As part of your celebrations and ceremony, light candles on the Full Moon or Imbolc (Candlemas, 2 February).  Call in the ‘Flame of Brigid’ and use this meditation to and make wishes for your family and friends.

POWER ANIMALS: Connect to the Swan for gentle yet powerful inner healing, decorate your sacred space with a swan feather or visit the swans in nature, give them some offerings of seed.  The snake is deeply healing and symbolises Kundalini rising. Associated with creativity and inspiration, call upon the serpent to deeply heal and re-energise you.  To connect with snake take plenty of radical rest time, lay curled up and dormant and feel your inner energy.  

TREES: The Rowan and Willow are sacred trees of Imbolc.  Rowan can be used for purification and protection and willow helps you follow feminine intuition and increases flexibility.  Find your local sacred trees, visit them, meditation sitting or standing with them or even decorate your altar or home with their fallen branches.

Happy February awakenings

Cara Amirah

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