Spring Clean - March Energies

March heralds the stirrings of Spring yet is still a little bleak on the weather front, there are green shoots appearing, Native Americans call march the ‘Welcoming Back’, a time for new beginnings, healing and regeneration of the mind, body and spirit. As we come to a time in the year where light and dark are balancing it will help you start afresh ready for the spring months ahead. We also look forward to the Spring Equinox on march 21st which is the true start to Spring. Hoorah!

Still take time to rest. At this time of year the Full Moon was called Storm Moon (as the wind takes down old branches), Sap Moon (as sap begins to rise in the trees) and Worm Moon, the worms job is to help regenerate the soil ready for growth of plants in the Summer Months for better harvests and this month is when the humble yet mighty worm appears. Here are some reflections for this month:

CLEANSE YOUR SPACE Free up old energy. Space clearing is wonderful for the mind and your environment. Get rid of what no longer serves you, get dusting, clearing, throw away old clutter. You will feel much better for releasing what no longer serves you in your life

CLEANSE YOUR EMOTIONS Connect to your own inner wisdom, identify and remove any toxins or pollution from your system, what thoughts and emotions no longer serves you? What do you no longer need? What feels toxic to your inner world? Can you remove or avoid that toxic feeling/situation/person/habit? Deal with anything you have been avoiding.

CLEANSE YOUR BODY think about WHAT you are eating and how it is nourishing you. Are you eating the right foods for you? How are you eating? Are you consciously eating? You can reflect on this by journaling and reflect on how the foods you eat feel within your body after you have eaten them, also take a note of your moods and how they affect your food choices. A great little book I can recommend to help anyone on emotions and eating is 'ON EATING' by Susie Orbach. This wonderful book guides you to center yourself and ask why and what you are eating and how it truly nourishes your soul.

You can use Sage to help you as you do your deep cleanses, which I will go into later in this blog

TAKE UP EXERCISE If you’ve been inactive start to move more, if you are active contemplate if the activities you are doing are serving your body well.

GO OUTSIDE Connect with nature, if you have a garden, you will want to start planning your garden space for the coming Summer Months, a great time to plan a herb garden and edible food. Get out and enrich the soil with fertilisers, also look as re-usable water resources you can invest in. If you don’t have a garden consider joining a community gardening/nature reserve project or get involved in an environmentalism project to help keep our land clean and safe. Take small steps to make big change and we can look after the land together.

PAMPERING Go have a massage (Reflexology is great at this time of year as you can stay snuggled in your clothes, Aromatherapy is also very soothing and relaxing), sit and stare into the sunset, plan that holiday! Start to enliven your mind. Cara offers beautiful Reflexology sessions at her studio and also in the comfort of your own home.

MEDITATE: Take extra time to meditate in the mornings and evenings. The Water Meditation: Light a candle to create sacred space. Sit comfortably with a straight spine, wear loose clothing, be aware of your tailbone connecting to the energy of water. Focus on your breath. Breathe in prana (positive energy) in through the nose, exhale and release what no longer serves you on your out breath, feel it leaving you like grey smoke. Breathe deeply for at least 4 counts in, hold 2, 4 counts out, hold 2 counts. Now deeply connect to water energy, sense water in all its glory, connect with this water energy, as you breathe in imagine a huge ocean of water energy connected to your belly (Sacral-Hara) and pull in water energy into your naval area, feel it nourishing and cleansing you. You can imagine the water energy as a vibrant blue coloured energy, feel it wash away what is no longer needed, cleansing your creativity and nourishing your whole being. Do this for as long as you like, then slowly take your time when finished.



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OILS AND HERBS Sage and Thyme are brilliant herbs to use in aromatherapy and as herbal teas or with food. Sage is super cleansing and improves overall health for all. You can burn dried sage (smudge) and cleanse your aura, body and house with the smoke removing negativity. You can use incense cones, sticks or sage bundles. Thyme is a great mood booster and also helps the respiratory system. Use these herbs in tea and take internally or blend sage and thyme essential oils into a carrier oil and use in the bath or self-massage to help invigorate, nurture and remove any negativity from your aura. Cara has a good selection of high quality affordable natural sage bundles and sage incense sticks available to buy

COLOURS: Green, yellow and light purple are the colours of march, as reflected in nature, the Daffodil and Crocus are magnificent shades of these colours. Where possible bring in these colours in to your life, if you can wear them to beat any gloomy moods and lift your spirits.

CRYSTALS Citrine, Golden and Rutilated Quartz. To help boost the golden yellow sun energy use crystals that are golden and yellow. Citrine is the crystal of light, happiness and abundance, helping you manifest your goals and dreams, perfect for March! Cara has beautiful rutilated Golden quartz and citrine crystals available for purchase. Check out Cara's online shop at Etsy MalaLalaUK

TREES: Birch trees have deep healing energy. If you can visit a birch tree and meditate

GODDESS: Isis, the Goddess of healing, rebirth, magic and beauty. Light a candle, call on Isis (or your chosen Angel, God, Goddess) to help you cleanse your home as you Sage every room, also sprinkle salt water for added protection where you feel needed, good places to do this are around your bed and over windowsills. Start at the furthest part of your house from the front door (usually upstairs), cleanse each room sweeping the energy down the stairs, open windows if you need to and release any negativity out, ‘sweep’ the energy through the house and towards your front door. Then ending at your front door, sweep out ALL negative energy finishing with a sprinkling of salt water over your doorstep. You can carry on and cleanse your outdoor space also (garden, walkways, outbuildings etc). You can also draw on doors and windows sacred protective symbols of your choosing, if working with Isis, the Ankh is a good symbol to use. Cara makes Isis Pendants, see more at Etsy MalaLalaUK

ELEMENT: Water. Connect with water as much as possible, drink more water, go swimming or for a sauna, have a relaxing bath or shower. Also do the water meditation as much as possible connecting to the element of water.

FULL MOON: On full moon put your sacred items out in the moonlight, including any crystals to help energise them with the Storm Moon’s Energy

Happy March

Namaste with LOVE

Cara Amirah


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