Healing with Symbols and Color

Hi Welcome to my blog on HEALING with SYMBOLS and COLOR. This is a wonderful guide for beginners and all levels new non-reiki healing.

Im a Reiki Master (Usui) and Vibrational Holistic Therapist, specializing in many healing methods including Shamanic, Sound, Elemental, Flower Vibrations, Color, Crystal Healing as well as Traditional Reiki and love using symbols of all kinds to spread 'Love and Light' into the world for healing of all.

Symbols are powerful seeds and can hold energy within to be harnessed for healing, for yourself, others and your environment and can be used to enhance healing energy flow in many ways. One of my main bug-bears is that Reiki Level One DOES NOT attune you to any Reiki Symbols, and I feel that the world is ready for acceleration on this, so Taaaa-Daaaa!!! .....the symbols here can be used as ‘complimentary’ symbols if you are level one Reiki trained and should help you go beyond the usual Reiki practice as you can play with and use the below symbols for your and others accelerated healing, they are very complimentary and perfect to use with Reiki at any level or with any modality of healing (not just Reiki), if you have healing hands, try using these symbols for added oomph and power to your healing sessions. I am a practicing Reiki Master and offer in-depth training which works beautifully with other therapies and can tailor your Reiki Training specifically to your holistic needs (as I work within many fields of expertise). With the training you get tailor-made meditations to tune into your inner powers already there, all you need to do is be able to tap into this vast source. I believe Reiki is best to be used with other integrated therapies as it magnifies its magnificence!

I have used these symbols for many years, in many different ways, and I can say I love them just as much as Reiki Symbols, and also being a Yoga-Meditation practitioner, QiGong Teacher and Dance Movement Therapist, I find the flow of the symbols really beneficial in many complimentary ways. If you have a Holistic Center I can deliver workshops and Retreats based on many healing arts.


Lets start with one of my favourite's


Divne Healing – Love and Light – Heaven/Cosmic Energy

Call on the 'Angel of Light' to assist you with Divine Healing bringing you and others a wash of Cosmic Heaven Energy when you need it. This symbol is especially good to send to Emergency Services and Ambulances, people in need in crisis situations, to Hospitals as you travel by in case anyone wants to receive the Angelic Energy sent who may need it. Let this symbol be used for all, the energy bringing you True Light of the Angels, Namaste, Cara Amirah.


Relaxation – Peace – Balance – Heart Healing

For Universal Peace, the OM the Sound of the UNIVERSE is the all GREAT Healer, used in the most Ancient Religions of the World for Super Fast Healing at the speed of Sound and Light. Let its vibration penetrate to your core, through your cells to the very DNA and Atoms within. The Om is especially good to use on the Heart Center to open and activate the Heart Chakra, it will bring deep peace and relaxation. Namaste, Cara Amirah

ANKH (Egyptian) – ‘CRUX ANSATA’ (Latin)

Balance Life force – Spiritual Healing – Past Life Healing - Mother ‘Isis’ Healing

Let the Ancient Ankh provide DEEP SPIRITUAL AND PAST LIFE HEALING as its energy merges you as one. Revealing your true life force in balance in the Present moment. The Ankh, based on a Cross shape, represents coming into the PRESENT moment (at the center point of the cross) for DEEP HEALING where you balance your past and future on the horizontal line of the cross. The vertical line makes you aware of your unconscious and conscious self, creating perfect balance at the center of the cross. Namaste Cara Amirah


Balancing – Elemental Healing – Cleansing

(Balances: Present-Past-Future-Conscious and Unconscious)

This powerful multi representational symbols creates DEEP BALANCE WITHIN. It represents in the cross the four directions, North, East, South and West. And also the four elements, Air, Fire, Earth and Water and the circle represents the fifth element, Space or Ether. This creates deep elemental healing. Also this symbol represents the Christ Light,


Use your dominant hand, point/extend the index and middle finger both together, draw the symbol in the air/over an item/person etc however it feels right (or follow numbered instruction above, the Om is the only one that is numbered, the others can be interpreted and drawn as you feel is right for you, always try to draw in a clockwise way from left to right, a little like traditional Reiki Symbols).


Draw your symbols in color to create extra healing benefits, the color should come naturally, you will fee what is right and what is needed for healing, here are some colors and their healing attributes (this list is only a guide):

GROUNDING Black & Brown are earthy and grounding, use Red for energy and grounding

HEALING White – Silver – Gold are deep healing colours. Turquoise is healing & soothing

HARMONY Green (heals heart/lungs/kidneys)

PEACE Blue (heals Throat/mind)

ENERGIZING Yellow (heals solar plexus /Digestive/Nervous)

LOVE Pink (heals heart and reproductive system, womb)

UPLIFTING Magenta Pink (helps Depression)

HAPPINESS Orange (helps heal sacral chakra and also stiff joints/indigestion/immunity)

PURIFICATION Purple - White (helps with sleep/insomnia and soothes the nerves)

WISDOM Indigo (Helps relax Nervous conditions, anxiety etc also helps sight and hearing)

I hope you enjoy using the above symbols, they are all ancient symbols which I have used and this is the energy I use them for, if you do copy my article (in full or part) please ask my permission.

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Cara Amirah