Healing Herbal Honey Recipe

June 26, 2018


If you have a sweet tooth and love the idea of adding in more benefits of herbal remedies to your honey then this is the recipe for you

This wonderful recipe came to me with my love affair when using the very healing Ayurvedic chywanaprash jam for months, enjoying it off the spoon daily, then scraping out the last spoon of jam out of the £15 pot I thought heya I reckon I could make me some healing jam!   

So, into the kitchen I went. I have a pretty good diet and my stock cupboard is crammed full of healthy powders and herbal supplements.  I’m also a practicing ‘Beegan’ (I eat mainly vegan but do have organic sustainable honey from reputable sources). If you are vegan then you can make this recipe with a natural vegan substitute such as maple syrup. The choice is yours. I believe what you put in to this recipe comes out in the taste and healing benefits so at the very least if you can choose organic honey or maple syrup as a base. 

This recipe is great to do to your own taste, there are no measures stated below, I used a teaspoon of this and two of that to taste. I started with experimenting with half a jar of good organic natural honey to try a smaller sample batch. 


LOCAL HONEY If you can get raw local honey from a beekeeper near you this would be ideal as you will also be supporting your local growers and makers, I have a neighbour six doors up who keeps two beehives and his honey is exceptional and as you know local honey has added healing benefits that are especially beneficial for hay fever sufferers 

So here is my recipe:


-Ground ginger
-Cinnamon ground
-Nutmeg ground
-Baobab powder
-Maca powder
-Shatavari powder
-Turmeric powder
-Raw coconut oil 

- black pepper optional 


ADD all of above ingredients TO TASTE 

Stir til smoothly blended 

Stir daily for 2 weeks to infuse

For me the combination works sweet! Add in any healing herbs or spices that will work with a sweet jam style spread, the coconut oil seems to add a beautiful texture to the healing honey making it a little thicker and more paste-like, it melts on the tongue!


If you like florals you can add in rose petals, lavender, marigold, hibiscus etc. I would probably grind dried petals to powder before adding for a smooth blend.  I did think about adding in chaga mushroom powder as this has a lovely smooth mild taste but I will try this out in a  future batch 


As you will only be having a small amount at any one time, I recommend at least one teaspoon daily, ensure you add in a good amount of spices and herbs so you can benefit from their healing properties.

There are savoury healing honeys too that have sage, rosemary, thyme and garlic but for me honey is best sweet.  The possibilities are pretty much open to many combinations to taste 

I put the herbs into the honey and stirred with love til it was blended well. When making herbal healing preparations it is recommended you stir daily for at least two weeks to allow the herbs and spices to infuse into the honey

This wonderful recipe will be a sweet explosion on your tongue. Eat from the spoon, spread on bread or use in cooking. It’s delightful! Morish andvob so opulent. (And very good for you)

Please share my recipe and feel free to comment with ideas

Cara Amirah

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Healing Herbal Honey Recipe

June 26, 2018

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