Cara, Priestess of Sacred Space, and Shaman has been energy clearing for over 10 year,  Cara is also a Reiki Master Master, Vibration Energy Medicine and Sound Healer.  


Help create a clear space for your home and business

Using a variety of proven space clearing techniques

Cara uses traditional methods such as copper dowsing rod and pendulum dowsing investigation

as well as state of the art technological machinery for EMF and RADIATION detection* room by room

Cara can help you detect any hotspots in your home helping solve issues with your home or work space

Cara can help offer solutions for you . These sessions are NOT TO SELL YOU ANYTHING but Cara can offer

further purchases of items to help remedy certain situations, as well as space clearing tuition to help put

you in control and also Cara can work on healing spaces further at extra cost to your requirements.  

(*only available onsite

- EMF protection from 5G 

- FENG SHUI ADVICE for money love and luck

- House radiation and EMF detection (by machine)  

- Water purity testing (by machine)


SPACE CLEARING is especially useful (and in some countries it is carried out as a necessary requirement) for clearing stagnant or negative energy, especially if you have moved to a new house, someone has left your house or someone new has come into your house, or if you pets or children are unsettled, and it is especially good to have a cleanse if you have split up from a relationship or have lost someone that you lived within your home due to death (obviously, when you feel it is the right time and you are ready to move on), most people will get an idea when they need a cleansing or healing in their home or business space.  The reasons why you will need to space cleanse can be varied from space to space, and can include: old energy vibrational patterns, emotional energy, stagnant energy,  ley lines, underground energy (streams and mineral deposits) from streams and geopathic stress, which can contribute to an array of symptoms such as Fatigue and tiredness, low energy in general, emotional instability, anger, irritation, fear, unsettled feelings are a few that have been reported.  The energy around you can easily be cleansed and healed by energy healing alone.  Depending on the cause this can range from being temporary to being healed, such as geopathic/ElectroMagneticFrequency stress will require to be located and avoided (ie: moving your furniture out of its potentially harmful way) and help with neutralisation, whereas emotional/mental and energetic stress can be resolved in one session





BUSINESSES from £120    

Orgone & Gemstone Grids from £45






do you feel that something weighing or 'dragging you down' energetically?  have you tried feng shui and space clearing but it doesn’t work.  If you have it may be time to look deeper into possible problems and their solutions 

Abnormal energy fields generated by 

  • underground streams 

  • large mineral deposits

  • faults in substrata of the earth 

Professionals in Geopathic stress say that GS may be damaging to and possibly compromise the health of millions and may be a contributing factor in everything from feeling constantly tired and that everything is an effort, feeling generally ill or under par, to depression and irritability, to lowered immunity (catching colds), it is also said that where there is GS that children can become disruptive or hyperactive, and that GS has been reported to be the cause in some cases of migraines to nightmares to arguments to cancer, to general lack of well-being


It is said and has been reported that although GS is not harmful energy in itself and does not actually cause cancer or ME or any of the other diseases and complaints associated with it, it has been studied that GS has appeared to lower the body’s immune system so that if there is a predisposition to disease is present it is more likely to develop.  


Evidence suggests Geopathic Stress DOES EXIST, for instance, in Germany it is taken very seriously and in both Germany and Austria potential housing sites are tested for Geopathic Stress before building on them to confirm they don’t have ‘bad energy’ passing through them.  Unfortunately that is not the case in other countries, including the UK, and it is reported that in the u.k. up to 20% of all houses could be affected by geopathic stress


When you locate where GS is in your house you can then  take action to avoid spending prolonged times of energy in those areas (especially in the bedroom and sitting areas) as GS energy will only affect you if you are sleeping  or sitting directly on top of it all day

That is why GS can affect only one person in a house or more than one depending on where it is passing through, a line can pass through one side of the bed or one chair. you can move your bed or desk to avoid it 

GS can be measured with a GEOMAGNETOMETER or dowsing rods or a pendulum. 



Cara uses Dowsing Rods and pendulum to detect Geopathic Stress and device testing for:

RADIATION DETECTION  Measurement of background radiation level (dosimeter) Rooms, areas and objects can be tested.

TDS METER Water quality detection 

EMF EMISSION METER  Detection of high electromagnetic emission areas . Electromagnetic field level assessment in houses, residential areas and adjacent territories.


'the energy feels so much lighter in my home, thank you! 


WOW! thank you for detecting a power line cable entry point right next to my bed! my sleep and energy levels have greatly improved since I remedied this so simply by changing the position of my bed,  THANK YOU for your help! 

- C.B 

Thank you for the lovely twin flame crystal and help locating 

my relationship area, I am looking forward to manifesting 

a new relationship soon

- Dev


My bagua mirror not only looks lovely but is so far

proving to be very effective in helping protect my home from negative

external energy, the set of crystals that comes with it are also helping clear the energy quickly

- Jane


  Thank you for teaching me how to protect my home using the 'shielding techniques and space clearing advice, I feel confident I can use these techniques to successfully cleanse my home

- Julie




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