Vibrational Healing &


Vibrational Reflexology is a deep healing form of Reflexology, similar to traditional reflexology, but combined with one, or a combination of other healing arts which include:

CHAKRA ACUPRESSURE MASSAGE - Points on the feet that cleanse chakras

CRYSTAL HEALING - Laying on of Crystals

COLOUR HEALING - Using Colour to balance the aura

SOUND HEALING THERAPY -  Using sound to balance the subtle body 

ESSENCE REMEDIES - To help balance the body, mind and Spirit 

REIKI - Healing energy 

Vibrational Reflexology balances the body, mind and spirit using many healing tools to create homeostasis within the body and subtle body (Chakras and aura) and eliminate energy blocks and is a very healing, dynamic and beautiful form of Reflexology which restores balance and harmony in the body, and like traditional Reflexology will help:


Balance and align chakras 

Cleanse the Aura and subtle body

Centre and ground you to Earth Star Chakra

Align you to your Soul Star Chakra

Healing with Angel energies

Remove & cleanse energy blocks

Remove stagnant energy  


Calm emotions and Reduces depression

Increases nerve function

Increases energy levels  

Helps with chronic pain and general 'aches and pains' (may help reduce pain) 

Helps with Stress, anxiety & hypertension

Helps ease insomnia

Can help sinus problems, digestion problems

Eases Headaches - Migraines

Speeds up healing of wounds

Helps eliminate toxins from the body

Stimulates blood circulation in the body

Improves metabolism

Improves cognitive health 

Stimulates nervous system

Beneficial during Pregnancy 

and more

Vibrational Reflexology is a profound deep healing and relaxing treatment, which requires no removal of clothing (non-invasive).  Your needs are met at Soul, Body and Mind level.