What is a Soundbath - Gongbath? 

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What is a Sound bath - Sound Therapy?

A sound bath will help you instantly access your inner harmony, as the sounds wash over you  and create a 'Vibrational Massage', the many sounds of a soundbath help bring deep relaxation to the mind. body and spirit and is deeply healing and therapeutic 

Sound baths instantly tap you into your inner HOMEOSTASIS, which means to bring the body’s energy flow into balance (of the body, mind and spirit), as the chakras, meridians and energy centres of the bodycome into balance as  you come into a state of inner equilibrium.  




Cara Amirah is a UK born Vibrational Holistic Therapist and Energy Movement Therapist.  Her experience is vast.

Cara works with:

private clients (121)

schools: mainstream

Special educational needs (SEN)

college & universities

Disabilities and mental health

Physical, learning, sensory, autistic spectrum, and profound/multiple learning disabilities)

NHS, care homes and health projects

womens groups (including women at risk)

youth service (including young offenders and at risk youth)

Yoga, meditation and healing groups

Corporate - stress management 

and more.    

Sound bath therapy how it works:

Sound therapy is a form of Meditation and is proven to help relax and calm the mind, creating deep relexation and stimulation for the brain, and is very beneficial for a range of mental, emotional, physical and energetic symptoms.  

Within this universe everything is connected, and as the waves of mind relaxation flow throught he body, this state of deep peace will help relax the client to a deep level creating instant rest and rejuvenation.   

Sound therapy will stimulate the brain into a state of deep relaxation.  Brainwave patterns will  oscillate and synchronize to create an energy field of balance and harmony 

Benefits of Sound Therapy

Non touch sound massage is instant CALM! beneficial for a many conditions:​

Mental Health

  • Reduces stress, anxiety and depression

  • Brings Relaxation and meditative state

  • Balances the meridians and Chi (vital energy) 

  • Helps sleep and insomnia problem

  • Reduce fatigue

  • Re-energies and enhances performance

  • Releases emotional problems

Physical Health Benefits

  • Helps ease muscular, joint and skeletal aches and pains

  • Helps ease back and neck pain, Arthritis and Sciatica

  • Balances the energy systems of the vital orgains (Chi) 

  • Recharge the meridian system

  • Boost energy and vitality


GONG - Atlantis Going is the universal ALL HEALER providing a SONIC MASSAGE 

QUARTZ CRYSTAL SINGING BOWLS - Deeply relaxing and healing

TIBETAN SINGING BOWLS - Tuned to frequencey hz to heal each specific energy centre

JICURI DRUM LUCID DREAMING 432hz DRUM - total deep relaxation 

​DRUM - Earth and ground your energy, feel the heart beat within  

Also used are many more instruments including