Indian Head Massage 


What is Indian Head Massage?

Indian Head Massage, called 'Champissage' in Indian is a traditional massage from India where the face, scalp, head, neck and back are massaged (the client is seated and fully clothed).  Some techniques similar to Swedish Massage and acupressure are used.  

The therapist massages and manipulates key areas and specific points on the back, neck and head to create calm and wellness for the client.

The aim of an Indian Head Massage treatment is HOMEOSTASIS, which means to bring the body’s energy flow into balance (of the body, mind and spirit), as Meridians and energy centres of the body are balanced you come into a state of equilibrium.  

Indian Head Massage can help.....

Relax and de-stress

Calm emotions and Reduce depression/anxiety 

Help with aches, stiffness and pains in the neck, shoulders and back

Great to reduce headaches and migraine from tension or eye strain

Can help sinus problems 

Increases healthy hair growth 

Increases energy levels  

Helps ease insomnia

and more

Champissage is a very healing and relaxing treatment, which requires no removal of clothing (non-invasive).  

Cara Amirah