Crystal Healing

& Chakra Alignment 

What is Crystal Healing?

Crystal Healing will help BALANCE, REFRESH and CALM and is a wonderful 'Energy Medicine' treatment.  It works on the whole person: Physical, mind, body and soul.

Cara uses the most SUPERB healing crystals.  The crystal healing can include:

- Consultation and ongoing healing/balancing support

- Chakra diagnosis: find out how your chakras are functioning and work towards their optimal balance, this can help to balance emotional, mental and physical states of dis-harmony

- Relax as Cara balances, cleanses and activates your chakras, Aura and energy field  with Crystal Therapy, Reiki, sound and energy medicine

A Crystal Healing treatment will help you balance your energy, creating HOMEOSTASIS, which means to bring the body’s energy flow into balance (of the body, mind and spirit), as Meridians and energy centres of the body are balanced you come into a state of equilibrium.

As well as the therapy session, you can access ongoing support with Chakra essences


CHAKRA REMEDY essences (taken internally or massaged into chakra externally) these essences will offer support as you balance your chakras, balance and help heal emotional, mental and physical conditions.  Gem essences can be safely taken alongside medication.   There are specific essences to help with each chakra:

- Earth Star Chakra - release past trauma and heal past life karma. Align life-purpose 

- Base-Root Chakra - Strength, vitality, release fears

- Sacral Chakra - develop greater self confidence

- Solar Plexus Chakra - Energise - release negativity - de-stress 

- Heart Chakra - Step into unconditional love and release past hurts

- Throat Chakra - develop confidence to speak your truth, let go of old patterns

- Brow-Third Eye Chakra - access clearer insight - develop intuition

- Crown Chakra - Feel connected to all - develop spirituality 

Soul Star Chakra - Call all Angels - help integrate your ascension light-body - soul purpose

 Gem essences are to be take 4 times a day (4 drops on the tongue or in a glass of water).  All Chakra Gem essences are skillfully created by Cara Amirah, qualified Holistic Vibrational Therapist, Aromatherapist IIHHT ITEC BABTAC.

Crystal Therapy can help...


Relax and de-stress

Calm emotions and Reduce depression/anxiety

Balance the energy of emotions

Accept and let go of the past

Clear the mind of old programming, letting go with love


Help balance and harmonise energy

Cleanse the Meridians and minor chakras  


Help heal the soul: past, present and future

Open your energy centres to their optimal state for connectedness

Crystal Therapy is an 'exilir', where you can experience deep healing and true relaxation.  Crystal Healing is performed fully clothed (non-invasive).  

Cara Amirah