What is Henna


What is Henna?
Henna is a beautiful art where henna paste is applied to the skin.... it is thousands of years old and is said to of originated from Ancient Egypt, it has an amazing and beautiful history in India where it is called Mehndi, Mehendi.   henna is also used widely throughout the Near, Far and Middle East (Persia, Iran, Iraq, Dubai, Morocco and North Africa).
Henna is now global and you can find it in every country world wide.

What is Henna?
Henna is a natural paste which when applied to the skin stains the top 'dead' layer of the skin.  It is made from the ground leaves of the Henna plant (Lawsonia Innermis), water, small quantities of tea (the tannin in the tea helps the henna stain darker) and small quantities of essential oils such as close and eucalyptus give the henna paste the most beautiful herbal aroma     
What colour is henna?
Natural henna comes in only one colour, BROWN (or variations such as a reddy brown) .  There is NO SUCH THING as safe 'Black henna' which contains nasty chemicals (PPD) which can cause nasty reactions.  
What is white henna?
White henna is AWESOME!  It is NOT henna, white henna is a MICA PASTE (made from fine white mica powder and gel)  which is totally temporary was off alternative to henna.  White henna will not stain the skin like natural brown henna does.  It is perfect for events and wedding where you require a totally temporary body art effect.
Is henna safe?
Natural henna is totally safe and is a skin conditioner which improves the softness and condition of the skin.   It has been used for thousands of years as a skin and hair conditioner
How long does henna last?
A henna stain usually lasts 5-15 days.  The design will gradually wear off as the top dead layers of skin flake off.  Once the henna stain is on your skin it is very hard to remove. 
'Henna art- a very relaxing experience'
Who is The Henna Fairy?
Cara Amirah has been a henna artist for over 15 years within the UK.  Cara uses high quality FAIRTRADE henna from India.  She travels throughout the UK providing high class traditional and contemporary henna art for all.  I look forward to meeting you soon, Cara Amirah.  Now Cara is called Cara Amirah EarthStarLady Sacred Henna Artist 
       The Henna Fairy is now rebirthed