NEW!   YOGA CLASS with Cara


'Knowledge to help you on your journey'
This session will last for a while, helping you re-calibrate 
your energy and find the next step you need to take
Sessions for all levels, from complete beginners to clients wishing to achieve optimum fitness.    Cara has over 10 years experience as a Yoga Teacher (Yoga Alliance) and 20 years experience in Holistic Therapy and Body Work (ITEC-IIHHT). 
Cara offers a unique blend of Yoga Therapy, Hatha Yoga and many other Yoga styles/forms which will help balance the body and mind within weeks of starting your journey with her.  For complete beginners and anyone suffering from chronic or acute joint issues (arthritis/general stiffness) Cara works with Basic Postures (Pawan Muktasana) as a Healing Yoga Therapy to achieve basic fitness and flexibility.  
Yoga for YOU
Yoga for strength
Yoga for flexibility 
Yoga for a healthy Body 
Yoga for a healthy Mind 
CLASS INFO:  Classes focus on traditional Yoga for breath-body-mind connect and include Postures (asana) and Vinyasa (Dances or series of Yoga movements) combined with Pranayama (breath) and meditation/relaxation practices.
The class aims to achieve 'essential body maintenance' for all who attend, of an average fitness level (you will be required to sign a health declaration to state you are fit and well to attend class).   You will need to have your doctor/health care professionals approval to attend a moderate level Yoga class.  All class participants are liable for their own wellbeing and actions in class and are advised to work within their own bodies limitations at all times, as yoga practice in class is not a competition. 
Cara can offer Yoga and lifestyle advice but is not a medical practitioner,
if in doubt contact a medical professional. 
PLEASE BRING YOUR OWN YOGA MAT, BLOCKS OR CUSHIONS (if you need assistance within poses), BLANKET and BELT (to help assist you in poses)
Classes are neutrally religious, however, we will cover Yoga from Eastern Teachings and will include the Sanskrit terms from the origins of Ancient Yoga practitioners (Guru's).
Some teachings originate from Yogic Sufi, Hindu and Buddhist traditions.  
ABOUT YOGA  Yoga is an amazing practice to bring into your life, there is a style suitable for EVERYONE, Yoga heals and assists you integrate a body-mind approach to life, benefits of yoga practice include:

Increase fitness and flexibility levels, core strength and improve posture

 Reduce Stress and tension - Focus on the PRESENT 

Help heal chronic aches, pains and muscular tension 

Unlock energy flow

Increase confidence & self acceptance  

Yoga tuition includes: 

Pre-Asana (body awareness, body connect, air-releasing series)

Asana (Yoga postures)

Vinyasa (Series of Postures in sequence)

Pranayama (Breathing)

Meditation (Mindfulness, Gratitude, Happiness , Laughter & Joy)

Yoga Nidra (body space awareness) 

Nada Yoga (Sound meditation) 

Mantra (Chanting)

Mudra (yoga postures for hands)

and more....

In class and for private sessions many different styles of Yoga are used:

Hatha (Balancing, Body connect - Sun/Moon Yoga)

Chinese (Meridian) Yoga

Sufi Yoga (to connect to the Cosmos)

Yin-Yoga (relaxing yoga)  

Kundalini Yoga (to connect to life-force essence)

Dru Yoga (to integrate healing) 

Zen Yoga (feeling space within postures)

Shamanic Yoga (cosmic energetic yoga) 

and more.... 

Student testimonials...
'My life has totally changed since I started Yoga classes,
life just seems to flow more easily now.'  Karen, Mansfield
After a very stressful week at work,
yoga is my ultimate Chill-Pill!
It totally relaxes me ready for the weekend. 
(Margaret, Bolsover)
'Having a bad back I thought Id try Yoga,
my range of movement has increased dramatically since
starting classes with Cara,
I now dont ache for the first time in a long while
when I get out of BED!' (Mark, Notts)
Yoga has helped me with the emotional stress
of loosing my mother, thank you! (Diane, Chesterfield) 
Caras classes are like having a physio, massage therapist 
and yoga session all in one! Kerry, mansfield
Yoga has helped me to create better physical health,  
I can touch my toes for the first time since
I was a child.  THANK YOU Cara! (Giles, Alfreton)
My neck and back posture was really bad until I had
private lessons  with Cara, within 3 months
I was standing up straight and TALL! (Pete, Kirkby)